tisdag 12 oktober 2010

The Week of Talking Fruit, day 3

The Week of Talking Fruit goes on. I have been to tired to search for any other talking fruit, so why dont you do it right now, huh, you lazy schmucks, huh, why don't you?

Anyway, I found the talking fruit that Sara Granér did. The pear is referring to the movie series National Lampoon, which in Swedish is translated into "a pear of a dad" (ett päron till farsa) which is a sort of odd expression for a really clumsy father.

2 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

hällow jowhan. aj hav faund a talking frut on http://fridaswork.wordpress.com

ju shud relly sheck it aut! it has singing too!

//a total stranger

carterson2 sa...

Talking fruit from this schmuch!