lördag 27 december 2008

Julföljetongen del 7

panel no.1:
I started defending myself. ME:"Listen now, I haven't -- "MARIA:"WHAT! My lunchbox! Who has stolen from my potato-salad!?"
panel no.2: My confusion escalated. My cheeks flushed. Was I going mad? CO-WORKER:"It's him. I found this in his bag."
panel no 3:Thats hen it hit me. ME:"But ... It was ... " It was all a lie.
panel no.4:CO-WORKER:"I also found this. Our free candy. He must have stuffed the whole bag, the little sweetytooth."
"Little sweetytooth... Bah."
panel no.5:My dentist had banned me from eatingcandy since years. It couldn't possibly be mine.
MARIA:"You know that candy is meant for other visitors too ..."
panel no.6:Apparently someone wanted me out of there.
MARIA:"You... Who are you? Is this your way of thanking us for letting you do an interview?"

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