tisdag 29 september 2009

Sneak peek

Here is some glimpses of a longer story Im working on. Right now Im in the stadium of developing the story and characters, but I can show you some of it. Below are the two lead characters, their names are visible in red text.

S:Jimmy?J:Hm?S:Jimmy dont you think it would be great to go for a walk?J:What? Do you want me to go?S:No, I meant that we shall to go for a walk. I have some things to speak to you about.J:Uhm ... Is it about your bathroomrugs?

S:What? No -- J:Because it wasnt me.S:This is not about--J:It was Oskar.S:Listen to me Jimmy--J:We were trying something but things got out of hand. we were pretty drunk.I've spoken to the neighbours now anyway and they are quite okay with the whole situation. The dog is still a bit upset, though. As long as we clean up the yard they wont press charges. And dont worry about your bathroomrugs, I'll find new ones. Everythings gonna be alright baby, I promise!

S:Jimmy ... It's not that I dont appreciate your attempts to resolve the situation ... And it's not that I'm not curious about what the hell youve done tp my bathroomrugs ... It's just that the things I want to talk about is so vastly more relevant to you and me right now! So can we please take that walk?

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Corizandy sa...

Nu är man riktigt nyfiken på vad honhar att säga!