tisdag 30 juni 2009


So if you're all wondering why I dont make any blog entries it is because I'm on the countryside and we dont have any scanners and high-tech equipment, and tomorrow I'm going to the music-festival in Arvika for a few days, so hopefully I can be with you in a week or so .

Och när jag ändå håller på kan jag ju ställa frågan, är det okej Frida om jag publicerar serierna där vår vänskap ställs på prov på denna blogg?

torsdag 25 juni 2009

Icelandic fire

Travel Journal, Iceland

panel no. 1
"In this town, there are about 15000 inhabitants." "We have both a club and a bar." "There are kind of like no animals on Iceland."* "But we did discover America."
panel no. 2 (down)
"On Iceland there are many things to do." "You can hang out by the hot-dog-stand and chat with Hafdis." "And you can also go to a hot spring."
Panel no. 3 (big)
"And here you can smudge clay on your face."

*Well of course there are animals on Iceland, but not so many.

onsdag 24 juni 2009

Travel Journal

"Frida! Frida! Frida!" "What?" "When you go to the toilet on the airplane..." "Are you flushing out pee all over the entire sky then?" "Hahahahaha!" "No." "Okay..."

Travel Journal

Just some people I know...

On the way to Kastrup

Slept an hour. Was going to clean and tidy up at home before I left, but I didn't. One time I was going by this train because I was going to London, but at the airport I chickened out.

Dagens Outfit

Travel Journal!

So now the adventure begins. Small fragments of my recent trips round the world.

tisdag 16 juni 2009

Home from New York

Hello. I'm home now from New York. It was really amazing. Tomorrow I'm off to Italy and the Crack! festival to represent C'est Bon Kultur along with Mattias Elftorp. Therefore I haven't got time to put up the pictures I did in NY, but I will do it when I get home from Rome. In the meantime I continue teaching you the words of the swedes.


fredag 12 juni 2009


So im still in New York. Just gonna write something here to keep my blogg alive, but I can assure you that when I get home, I'll have a LOT of drawings and stuff to put up here!

I'm a little disappointed though, of the lack of raccoons in New York City...

fredag 5 juni 2009

Stuck on Iceland

So... our flight from Denmark was broken so we had to wait for it to get fixed and it all ended up on Iceland were we now have to spend the night! It's really beautiful here, with huge cliffs and misty plains and small, legolike houses.

Tomorrow I hope we get to New York!

torsdag 4 juni 2009

one more...

That's right! Now I take a break. Tomorrow I'm going to New York for ten days, I'll be visiting the MoCCA festival and enjoying life in a world metropol and it will be nice. So long!

onsdag 3 juni 2009


Kundtjänst=Customer service

the feeling that can only be expressed in a Swedish/english dictionary

"I like parties, they make me feel whole inside."

Words, oh words

Yes, the disgusting colors of hot evening terror gives us a premonition of what the insane summernight will bring.


Yes, this is my friend Amanda and we were watching a movie. I think it was Control. It's from when we still lived in Hofors and the school was out and everybody just waited for their ride away from there.

Another swedish/english word for you language lovers out there


tisdag 2 juni 2009


Flyttstäd=The ones you pay to clean your apartment when you're moving out.

måndag 1 juni 2009

Swedish/english bonanza!


The swedish/english lesson continues...

Mord= Murder

Words -a small swedish/english dictionary!

Last summer I did'nt have too much to do, so i decided to write down words and illustrate them.
It became quite a lot of words.
My plan is to put up some of them here when I feel the need.