torsdag 14 oktober 2010

The Week of Talking Fruit, day 5

By the way, I also make logotypes!

I made this logo for a project that Konstfrämjandet are doing.
"Art in school". It was fun!

If you need any logotypes, I'm your man.

The Week of Talking Fruit, day 4

Since yesterday I have registered some talking fruit activity on .
Thats kinda weird, how has this happened? Just a random person (and by random i mean random in a not condescending way) out of the blue comes up with the same Idea as me? Is it the collective global subconsciousness(?) that is playing tricks on us poor humans again? Yes it must be, we have seen it in the pyramids popping up in centralamerica and egypt and other places, and now it seems to be all about talking fruit. What will be next?

tisdag 12 oktober 2010

The Week of Talking Fruit, day 3

The Week of Talking Fruit goes on. I have been to tired to search for any other talking fruit, so why dont you do it right now, huh, you lazy schmucks, huh, why don't you?

Anyway, I found the talking fruit that Sara Granér did. The pear is referring to the movie series National Lampoon, which in Swedish is translated into "a pear of a dad" (ett päron till farsa) which is a sort of odd expression for a really clumsy father.

The Week of talking fruit, day 2

Rumour has it that Swedish Comic Artist Sara Granér also has made a talking fruit. I will personally see to that this fruit comes online as soon as possible! I think that there is also more talking fruits popping up all around the world soon.

måndag 11 oktober 2010

The week of talking fruit!

Hello! Anyone remember the week of pigs? Almost a year ago, there was the week of pigs and everyone started to draw pigs and put on their blogs. This week is the week of talking fruit. Well. It was all I had to say.