söndag 28 december 2008

Julföljetongen del 10. DEN SISTA DELEN.

And the sun would forgive us
ANNA:"I love you."
b:and the earth swallow us.

The End

Julföljetongen del 9

panel no.1:
All I wanted then was her, shouting: ANNA:"Wait!"
panel no.2:ANNA:"I'm sorry I pulled your leg! They made me do it!"
panel no.3:ANNA:"I know that what we are doing is wrong, and I'm ashamed of it!"
panel no.4:ANNA:"I'm so tired of all this cynical bullshit! So I quit!"
panel no.5:ANNA:"You made me realise that there is so much more to life than just money and material things!"
panel no.6:ANNA:"I ..."

Julföljetongen del 8

It was too much for me. I got out of there with wounded pride.
b:My belief in corporate culture was forever wasted.
c:I walked with heavy steps and worried about what my boss was gonna say.

lördag 27 december 2008

Julföljetongen del 7

panel no.1:
I started defending myself. ME:"Listen now, I haven't -- "MARIA:"WHAT! My lunchbox! Who has stolen from my potato-salad!?"
panel no.2: My confusion escalated. My cheeks flushed. Was I going mad? CO-WORKER:"It's him. I found this in his bag."
panel no 3:Thats hen it hit me. ME:"But ... It was ... " It was all a lie.
panel no.4:CO-WORKER:"I also found this. Our free candy. He must have stuffed the whole bag, the little sweetytooth."
"Little sweetytooth... Bah."
panel no.5:My dentist had banned me from eatingcandy since years. It couldn't possibly be mine.
MARIA:"You know that candy is meant for other visitors too ..."
panel no.6:Apparently someone wanted me out of there.
MARIA:"You... Who are you? Is this your way of thanking us for letting you do an interview?"

fredag 26 december 2008

Julföljetongen del 6

panel no.1:
UNKNOWN WOMAN:"Thank you very much, Anna. I take over from here."
panel no.2:UNKNOWN WOMAN:"Sorry if I interrupted anything. My name is Maria."
ME:"Hi." MARIA:"Hi."
panel no.3:We went into the lobby again.
MARIA:"It's really great that you want to come here and look around and ask questions. Sadly, some people have made complaints."
panel no.4:MARIA:"And I'm talking mainly about your soundlevel."
panel no.5:MARIA:"You talk way too loud. Ang wheng you goo gis with your keeth..."
panel no.6:MARIA:"...We can hear it all the way down to PR[department]."
I didn't understand anything.

Julföljetongen del 5

panel no.1:
She was just going to tell something funny about the aprilsky.
panel no.2:I interrupted her.
ME:"What does the statistics on discharge look like? Do you have any papers on that?"
panel no.3:She looked so sad, like someone had torn out her heart and jumped on it.
panel no.4:She answered with forced enthusiasm, but I could see that she was genuinly hurt.
ANNA: "Our... Our statistics on discharge is secret I'm afraid."
panel no.5:Something sad came over her. I wanted to kiss her, tell her "It doesn't matter, it's okey".
panel no.6:SOMEONE:"Hold your horses!"

torsdag 25 december 2008

Julföljetongen del 4


The train came. It was the most amazing train I'd ever seen. It had walls of glass.
B:Inside there were meetings and powerpoint-presentations.
C:For a moment I thought I saw a cheerleader-team, but that may only have been my imagination.
D:Annas eyes were shining. The sky was blue and the train sparkled in the light of the springsun.
E:My heart ached of sorrow and guilty conscience.
F:The time was come.

onsdag 24 december 2008

Julföljetongen del 3

Så var julen avklarad. Fick många bra klappar, bland annat ett dataspel som kommer att hålla mig sysselsatt och göra mig introvert och konstig tills jag plötsligt upptäcker att lovet är slut, ja jävlar.

Här kommer serien.


panel no.1:
She showed me many amazing things.
panel no.2:The most amazing thing was maybe...
ANNA:"Here. This is potatoes which has been grown on the facility."
panel no.3: It felt as she revealed her most intimate secrets, just for me. I was spellbound, and I was beginning to feel uneasy.
ANNA:"Feel free to take samples of it when you get back, just to see how wonderful it really is."
ME:"I will. I promise."
panel no.4:I was there to ask serious questions, but the way she seem to like her company made it feel all wrong. The tour continued outside.
ANNA:"If we wait here I will show you the train."

Julföljetongen del 2


panel no.1
The corridor to the elevator was a tube of glass and outside of it there was fishes. I wrote this down.
panel no.2 The factory was very nice. She was also nice.
panel no.3 She was so happy all the time, and when she pointed out specifik details of the fatory, one could see how proud she got.
ANNA:"These pipes are made of aluminium. We manufacture that all by ourselves!"

Fortsättning följer i morgon!

tisdag 23 december 2008

Julföljetongen "När jag var journalist"

Mitt under knäck-kokeriet (har redan bränt en panna) passar jag på att smyga iväg och släppa det första avsnittet av den nya julföljetongen ! Jag gör den med bara kulspetspenna och blyerts för jag är så fruktansvärt fattig. God Jul och låt serien börja!

Subtitles (for our english readers)

panel no.1
Once I was a Journalist
panel no.2 I was going to ask a few questions concerning the threat towards our climate to someone who worked at an industrial company which dealt with charcoal.
panel no.3 I met Anna, who was in charge of communications.
ANNA:"Hi! Iwas thinking that we could do a quick tour."

Stay tuned allihop! Jag kommer att släppa nästa avsnitt lagom till kalle anka!

torsdag 18 december 2008

Idag har jag tuschat färdigt en serie på 11 sidor. Det firar vi med att lägga upp en paintbild!