fredag 26 december 2008

Julföljetongen del 6

panel no.1:
UNKNOWN WOMAN:"Thank you very much, Anna. I take over from here."
panel no.2:UNKNOWN WOMAN:"Sorry if I interrupted anything. My name is Maria."
ME:"Hi." MARIA:"Hi."
panel no.3:We went into the lobby again.
MARIA:"It's really great that you want to come here and look around and ask questions. Sadly, some people have made complaints."
panel no.4:MARIA:"And I'm talking mainly about your soundlevel."
panel no.5:MARIA:"You talk way too loud. Ang wheng you goo gis with your keeth..."
panel no.6:MARIA:"...We can hear it all the way down to PR[department]."
I didn't understand anything.

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