torsdag 25 juni 2009

Travel Journal, Iceland

panel no. 1
"In this town, there are about 15000 inhabitants." "We have both a club and a bar." "There are kind of like no animals on Iceland."* "But we did discover America."
panel no. 2 (down)
"On Iceland there are many things to do." "You can hang out by the hot-dog-stand and chat with Hafdis." "And you can also go to a hot spring."
Panel no. 3 (big)
"And here you can smudge clay on your face."

*Well of course there are animals on Iceland, but not so many.

2 kommentarer:

kenan sa...

I'm sorry to be the Ugly American here, but can you keep the translations coming? Right now I'm making up my own dialogue, and it's just not as funny as yours.

Johan sa...

Your wish is my command!