lördag 22 augusti 2009


Frida:What a nice place! Good breakfast!
Johan: Yeah, and yesterday was such fun.
Frida:Really a nice ending of our trip!
Johan:Yeah ...
Frida: Shall we take the check?
Johan: Yes! I can pay!
Johan:Hmm, lets see ... If I give twenty dollars maybe I can find some spare change for the tip ... Lets see now ...
Frida: I pay by card.
Johan:But ...
Frida: Well your so slow!
Johan:But I can give you some spare change ...
Frida:I don't want any spare change.
Johan: But maybe if I THROW IT IN YOUR FACE!?

4 kommentarer:

mussorgsky sa...

great comics!! i realy liked it! greetings from Brazil!
Roberto Hollanda

Anonym sa...

Baby don Johan! Why did you go and do that? In the one before we were happy! everything was beautiful!

But now, you go and post one where you wanna throw change in my face?

tsk tsk... lucky for you I'm of a forgiving nature. ^_^

BTW, out for a smoke in 10?

Johan sa...
Den här kommentaren har tagits bort av skribenten.
Johan sa...

Roberto, thank you, Im glad that my comics are reaching as far as Brazil! :)