fredag 4 september 2009

Coming home to Sweden.

I came home to Sweden to my familys summerhouse in the archipelago. I had nothing much to do and I dreamed this dream.

Johan:Hello everyone! This is my sister!
Sister:Hi, hi!
Johan:People use to think that we look alike. Aw you little gollywog!
Sister: Aow!
Johan:What now?
Cyst:Hi, I'm a cyst that has been growing inside your sisters body for almost two years. You can refer to me as your "Cyster".
Johan:Oh, okay. Well then, welcome to the family!
Shortly after this, we recieved a phonecall from the doctor who said that my sister were totally cured. PHEW!

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Anonym sa...

ååh hjälp! det var alltså en cyster..