tisdag 6 oktober 2009

The Week of Pigs, day 2

The pig of the day is stubborn. Doesnt want to move an inch. No matter how hard you pull its ears, it just doesnt wanna listen to you! But, let us not stick to the slow pigs, let's move on! Somewhere there is a field where the happy one's running around, squeeking their joy!

I've noticed a lot of pig activity on internet since yesterday. Frida Ulvegren, Louise Lange, Mikael Sol, Åsa Ekström , Nina Bunjevac , Simon Andersson and maybe even more people have started to make internet more pig friendly!

2 kommentarer:

Frida Ulvegren sa...

Kenan! Check out Kenans pig!

Anonym sa...

Nino-länken går... till facebook? jag kunde inte se bilden i alla fall. FIXA!

Puss på knorren ;)